Laser engraving is a manufacturing technique in which a high-precision laser beam modifies the surface layer of an object. There are many benefits of this powerful tool in manufacturing, and it is highly demanded for its precision, durability, flexibility, speed, and automation generating savings and higher productivity.

Laser marking and engraving allow to personalize the products with the brand, logos, slogans or codes and manufacturing series, with a neat and long-lasting finish that makes the product identification long-lasting and with a low-cost but high quality. Laser marking also allows the addition of decorative and aesthetic details to the design.


Laser engraving can be used on almost all metal, plastic, wood, paper, leather and glass surfaces. It is much more effective than traditional engraving when it comes to small objects, such as jewelry and souvenirs. It also reduces the risk of damaging or deforming parts.


Stainless steel, aluminum, silver, silver, titanium, bronze, platinum or copper.


ABS, polycarbonate, acrylic, polyamide, PMMA or plastics with laser additives.


Crystal or glass, furs, ceramics, ceramics, epoxies, films and packaging, laminates, paper and wood.



This technique is used in the personalized marking of various objects, souvenirs or corporate gifts such as: pens, key rings, USB, agendas, to name a few, whose purpose is to generate brand recall or positioning. It is also implemented in the marking of decorative elements such as glass or crystal, in leather goods and even in papers generally larger than 200 g.

In mass production processes laser marking is applied in epoxy encapsulated products, hybrid circuits, keyboards, electronic devices, connectors, packaging, as well as in the marking of chocolates and wafers, the latter having a long history in this process (wafers can be engraved after the photolithography process without the risk of contaminating the product)..


The laser marking technique is highly implemented thanks to its antibacterial capabilities, certifying the surgical asepsis in the manufacturing processes of different medical tools and surgical utensils such as: implants, pacemakers, artificial joints, patellas, stems, femoral heads, blades, just to mention a few.


Laser engraving is used to mark vehicle identification numbers (VIN), decoration of keyboards, instrument panels or cushions to validate and certify the originality of parts.

In recent years areas such as robotics, 3D printing, jewelry, inventory management, banking, security, transportation, government agencies and the automotive sector are beginning to implement laser engraving to provide an additional layer of security, validation and even inventory control through customized security codes in low relief, barcodes, watermarks and QR codes, which can be read by scanners preventing fraud and counterfeiting.

Undoubtedly there are may benefits and applications of laser marking or engraving. Tec Laser offers you its best manufacturing tools and its highly qualified team to make your projects a reality with the quality and service you need.