The welding process in metal-mechanical manufacturing is essential to move from the manufacture of parts in cutting, to an assembly to deliver a finished or semifinished product, being a perfect complement to our offer, making our customers find everything they need to manufacture their developments, leaving the manufacturing in the hands of experts.

In Tec Laser, we have different types of welding processes that allow us to always maintain the superior quality of the product, which are:


Good finishing cord, used in thin thicknesses, avoiding the deformation of the material due to the type of atmosphere used.


Ideal for the assembly of structures and for fusing thick parts due to its penetration capacity.


Due to its versatility, it is widely used for welding small and medium thicknesses in steel and aluminum structures, especially where a great deal of manual work is required.


Special welding located at the tip of bolts, which are very versatile for installation or hidden fastening, achieving to expand or secure parts without the need to drill the parts.