Laser cutting technologies are the most accurate on the market for cutting materials of different origin, thanks to the evolution of this technology is the fastest on the market and the most accurate, can cut all kinds of materials, and is used today in metal cutting in metalworking manufacturing, but also in cutting wood for furniture manufacturing, leather goods to cut and engrave leather, in clothing cutting fabrics, etc.; therefore each industry and technical application has its own laser cutting technology.


  • Minimizes material waste.
  • High cutting speed and short delivery times, making it a more economic system than traditional cutting.
  • Facilitates scalability in the manufacture of parts in batches, guaranteeing the exact repetition of the same.
  • Reduces labor time in finishing.


We have technology with excellent capacities and cutting speeds and with the high precision of this technology, guaranteeing the perfect coupling and finishes in all cases, we have several cutting centers that allow us to serve different sectors, materials and agility in delivery, as well as the possibility of serving high quantities and be flexible in manufacturing batches or face changes in demand.

Our high power cutting centers allow us to cut flat sheet materials from 0.5 mm to 12 mm thick, in a maximum format of 4000x2000mm; additionally we cut round pipes from 1 ½ to 300 mm in diameter in lengths of 2400 mm. Achieving a high degree of detail and a precision of less than 0.1 mm.


The old cutting tools used by industries have always presented quality, precision and speed drawbacks; for example, poor edge quality after cutting, high percentage of rejected products, waste generation, low production speed, high labor requirements, waste of material space, among others. For this reason, more and more industries are advancing in their production processes and implementing laser or ultra-pressure water jet cutting.

The innovative technology of laser or ultra-pressure water jet cutting is oriented to new applications. They are used more and more in the various production lines (customer-specific adjustments) of industries and in innovative entrepreneurial ideas.

Many industries have realized the benefits of implementing laser or ultra-pressure water jet cutting. These include metalworking, marble, glass, advertising, aeronautics and automotive.


Adaptability: This technology is functional for large industries as well as for architectural or university projects. This means that it can be adapted to your requirements; whether you are an artist, designer, entrepreneur or run a company. With its use it is possible to manufacture specific products or parts adapted to your quality criteria.

Productivity: The technology of laser or ultra-pressure water jet cutting allows you to save material. This is due to its reduced cutting width. Likewise, the use of lasers for image engraving helps to increase your productivity. With this technology you can get a product faster, which is a benefit for your business.

Versatility: By using this technology you can drill, cut, mark or engrave with precise details on most materials. Likewise, cuts can be made in any direction. It is ideal for materials that may be affected or sensitive to heat.

High quality: It is possible to obtain superior quality in every way and do all kinds of jobs with high demands. As for laser marking, it can produce sharp and clear images. Likewise, laser or ultra-pressure water jet cutting allows high-precision cutting with clean edges and intricate details. Its use does not cause cracking of materials.

By relying on a team of professionals to help you optimize your production processes through the use of laser or ultra-pressure water jet cutting, the quality of your products will be enhanced, and your products will stand out in the market.